Free Design Consultation Included!

additionsDobson Building + Remodeling is proud to offer additions and whole-home renovations to our neighbors in the Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax county, the city of Alexandria, Arlington county, and the surrounding areas.


Adding on to a house is a big project. Whether you’re looking to add extra bedrooms, get a closed-in porch, or simply expand your square footage, Dobson Building + Remodeling will cover all the bases from the foundation to the roof. We are experts in adding space to older homes built with brick or other materials that are no longer available, and we can creatively blend in the new space to the original structure. Also, we won’t take shortcuts or leave you hanging with unnecessary delays.

An addition is much more than just a room. Here is what we believe about your addition:

  • Every addition tells a story. Your home’s addition should turn out the way you envisioned it and be a testament to your unique lifestyle. We achieve this by starting with understanding your needs and then working to design and bring to life that a vision.
  • Every addition reflects the true nature of your personal comfort and growth within the home. We know that our workmanship is something you’ll have to live with after the addition is done, and we’re purposeful about making sure that the look and feel of your addition is exemplary.
  • Every addition should reflect a beautiful vision and purpose. It’s more than just studs and drywall and fixtures. It’s the space where you’ll laugh, cry, dream, and hang out with your family. We will help you find that vision, from our preliminary consultation through the final walkthrough.

Whole Home Renovations

The thought of doing a whole home renovation might leave you dazzled and daunted, but Dobson can help you to make that a reality. Simply tell us what you’re hoping to achieve, the scope of what you want to do, and the limitations you have to work with. We will take this information and turn it into a plan that can turn your whole house into the home of your dreams. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

What sets us apart

We are local, experienced, and honest. Dobson is a general contractor based in Northern Virginia. We are equipped to design, build and renovate homes from the ground up. We bring to the table over 30 years of experience and our commitment to quality work. We don’t cut corners. If you’re the type of person who values work that’s done right, then there’s no better choice for you than Dobson Building + Remodeling.

Why choose a building company to simply do a remodel or addition?

A contractor who is equipped to build an entire house from scratch will do a better job at a remodel because they have all the resources at their disposal to complete any task that might arise in the completion of your project. You wouldn’t want to hire a handyman service that could run into problems and have to scramble to find subcontractors in order to overcome an obstacle in your remodeling project.

If your home needs an addition or extensive renovations, don’t hesitate any longer. Choose Dobson Building + Remodeling to complete your project today.