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bathroomIf your bathroom’s design and decor are outdated, or if you think, “yuck,” every time you walk into your bathroom, it’s time to get your bathroom remodeled. Have you been dreaming about remodeling your bathroom for a long time and finally you have the chance to take action? Don’t choose anyone but the best! Dobson Building + Remodeling will handle everything from design to permits to completion. We deliver timely results and never compromise on quality.

What Dobson Offers You

Here at Dobson Building + Remodeling, we are committed to maintaining our trusted name in Fairfax County, the city of Alexandria, Arlington County, and the surrounding areas. We are not the contractor who will cut corners. We will quote you a fair price, practice transparency every step of the way, and the owner will personally inspect the job when it is complete to make sure that it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Here are some of the services we offer to remodel your bathroom, just to get you dreaming a bit.

  • Expand the footprint of your existing bathroom space. If your bathroom is just barely large enough to squeeze in the toilet and the sink, it’s time to give it a little more space. You’ll barely miss the few feet of space that you take from the adjacent room when you move the walls, but you’ll immediately notice the huge improvement to your bathroom. This is the #1 best upgrade to a bathroom that you can choose, because it allows you to truly implement the other decoration options without the bathroom feeling too cramped or too busy.
  • Replace linoleum or vinyl flooring with tile. Tile is a great choice in bathrooms because of its durability, beauty, and waterproof nature. Tile gives you so many color options in your bathroom, from gleaming pure white to colorful mosaics. You can also extend tile up the walls for a coordinating look that also provides long-lasting beauty.
  • Replace your short faucet with a taller one. Is your bathroom’s faucet too close to the back of the sink or too short to really get your hands underneath it when you wash them? Put up with your frustration no longer when you get a modern faucet that’s designed with actual users in mind.
  • Install two sinks instead of one. If your bathroom has the space for it, putting two sinks into your bathroom is one of the top remodeling choices you can make to increase your home’s value whenever you decide to sell it.
  • Convert a half bath into a full bath. While we’re on the topic of increasing your home’s value, a three-bedroom home with two full baths is typically a hotter item than one with one and a half baths. Many times, it’s easy to add a few feet to the bathroom in order to accommodate a bathtub and shower space.

Get your bathroom done beautifully when you choose Dobson Building + Remodeling to do the work. Contact us today or call (703) 291-9004.