So you’ve gotten your taxes done or you’ve taken out a home equity line of credit, and it’s finally the moment you’ve dreamed of. You finally get to embark on the long-awaited adventure of home improvement. Whether you want to remodel your home, add on space, or even build a whole new custom home, it’s an exciting moment to finally transform your home into the exact thing you’ve always dreamed of.

However, as soon as you get to that moment, you’ll start to ask yourself the question, “Which building contractor should I use?” With so many choices in the marketplace, you can’t always just pick the first Google result when you search for “Building Contractors Near Me.” So how do you choose, and what criteria do you apply when you’re looking for a building contractor in the Alexandria area? Here are our tips from our building and remodeling service in northern Virginia.

1. Choose a building contractor that doesn’t cut corners.

When you’re getting someone to do work on your house, it generally doesn’t pay to choose the cheapest option. There’s always a tradeoff between fine craftsmanship and low cost, but the contractors who charge the least are the ones who have chosen to take shortcuts in order to do the job. You’re the one who has to live in your house and experience the results of the contractor’s work every day. You’re also the one who may want to do some other projects on your home in the future, and it’s terrible to run into the unfortunate reality that some work that was done wrong now has to be undone before you can proceed further. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you chose a contractor who does quality work for a fair price.


2. Choose a building contractor that doesn’t use inferior materials.

Very closely related to the idea of not cutting corners is the idea of not using inferior materials. If there’s a job that should be done with plywood and the contractor uses particle board instead, what they’ve done may never even be visible to you. However, using inferior materials will manifest itself sooner or later, and the cost can be immense. We see more and more frequently that new homes or home improvements were built so haphazardly that they quickly develop major problems, from cracks in the foundation to a roof that leaks much earlier than it was supposed to. Inferior materials are not worth your time or money, and you should avoid hiring a contractor who always prefers to use the lowest-quality option.

3. Choose a building contractor who uses skilled, respectful laborers.

The training that a building contractor invests in their workers will form a huge part of the quality that they’re able to invest in the job. A contractor who has the same guys working for them for years and years will be able to deliver better-quality service than one who has a high turnover rate and who hires the absolute cheapest workers in the marketplace. Skilled laborers will make a difference, because as they work in their home, they will not only conduct themselves professionally and respectfully, they will also do a better job.

4. Choose a building contractor who can do more than just cosmetic improvements.

One of the major areas that sets one contractor apart from another is their ability to go above and beyond just redecorating your home. If you need different cabinets and flooring in your kitchen, for instance, anyone can do that, but if you need one of your kitchen walls moved over 3 feet, you need someone who can revamp your home’s architecture without compromising its structural integrity. Even if you don’t need to go to the extent of moving walls around, a contractor who could do that will do also do the work you are doing in the way that takes into account the building’s structure at a deeper level.

5. Choose a building contractor who gives you a thoughtful estimate.

You’ll probably ask a few different companies for an estimate in order to compare and contrast the service you’re going to get and the price they will charge. When you get an estimate, take a look at the amount of time and attention that the builder has put into it. Did the contractor take the time to walk through your home, ask you questions, hear your goals, and incorporate those goals into their estimate? Did they think through various options that you could choose in order to meet your goals for your home’s remodel? Did they go above and beyond in any way (like taking the time to come up with architectural drawings to share with you)? A thoughtful contribution of value in your estimate will speak volumes to you about how prepared that builder is to go above and beyond in the actual execution of your remodeling or building project.

No matter what kind of home improvement project you’re looking at, Dobson Building + Remodeling is the contractor you should choose when you want someone who won’t cut corners or use inferior materials. We hire only the best workers and we can do everything your home needs from the ground up. Contact us now for a thoughtful, well-developed estimate. We work hard to earn your business and we’re confident that we can deliver the excellent-quality service that your home deserves. Get your free estimate today!