If you have a kitchen in Alexandria, Annandale, Fairfax, or Springfield VA, and especially if you enjoy being in your kitchen, chances are you also have a bucket list of all the upgrades you’d love to have in your kitchen. Maybe you even have the chance to implement these home improvements this year. If it doesn’t take much to get you drooling, beware of reading any further…you have been warned. Here are some of our common (and less-common) ideas for your kitchen remodel.

More Space

Any cook who actually uses the kitchen to cook can probably think of one recurring wish: More space. Even in a medium-sized kitchen, you probably run into more than one moment where you have run out of counter space because they’re lined with cooling racks full of cookies, or you have to make a trade-off between whether your coffee maker or your KitchenAid gets a spot of coveted counter space, or you constantly have to wash your preparation dishes because you have run out of room to work. Fortunately, the answer of getting more space is possible with a custom home builder who can make building plans that are perfect for your home’s design. Need more space for cooking, baking, and entertaining? No problem. Dobson has you covered.

Optimize Your Kitchen for [Pie / Barbecue / Your Specialty]

Every kitchen needs to be able to do all-purpose tasks, from cooking a pizza to making a birthday cake, but your kitchen should be a reflection of you, and you can optimize it for the tasks you complete the most in your kitchen. Are you the queen of pie or the king of barbecue? Does your kitchen help you or hinder you in your pursuit of world-class creations? Here are a few ideas of how to optimize your space for your particular specialty.

Pie baker

  • Choose granite countertops to keep your homemade pastry cool as you roll it out.
  • Add a dedicated counter space that you protect from other uses so that it’s always open to make a pie.
  • Put two sturdy hooks under the upper cabinets to hang your rolling pin so that it’s always handy right by your dedicated pie-baking counter space.
  • Get a custom cabinet to display your collection of pie dishes

Barbecue Chef

  • Get a gas range with a professional hood to vent when you cook indoors.
  • Build an outdoor kitchen with the perfect grill, smoker, counter space, mini fridge, and storage for all your grill tools.

Yeast Bread Expert

  • Create a custom space for your stand mixer (preferably close to both the sink and the counter space for kneading) so that you don’t have to lift the heavy mixer to get it out and put it away.
  • Create shelving with built-in cooling racks so that you can cool your loaves out of sight if needed.

Hospitality and Entertaining

  • Ensure that there is plenty of seating in the kitchen, since you know people will be congregating there.
  • Think about the traffic flow and adjust the layout if there’s a bottleneck.

No matter what your area of expertise, your kitchen is an important room in your house and ought to be optimized for your needs. Remodel your kitchen today with the building experts at Dobson Building + Remodeling.