One of the most beautiful things about Northern Virginia is the number of old homes that are still standing in many of our cities and rural areas. Many of these homes date back at least to the Civil War era, and some of them go back even earlier to Revolutionary War days. But when you live in one of these homes, you realize that it’s one thing to admire one of these houses from the outside and quite a different thing to deal with the everyday challenges of upgrading your home for the modern world. However, it’s not impossible to still get home improvement done on your Alexandria or Fairfax county home. Read more to find out how.

Challenges of Remodeling Older Homes

Structural issues and outdated equipment are some of the biggest obstacles you may face in getting renovations on your early American home. Maybe your rooms are still heated by antique cast-iron steam radiators. Maybe your walls are 18 inches thick because they’re built of stone, limiting your ductwork options. Maybe your plumbing is outdated and desperately needs to be replaced.

In addition to the structural challenges that your house presents, you’ll probably also face challenges in taking out the appropriate remodeling permits. Depending on your home’s age and history, it may be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Your city ordinances may list specific requirements that historic homes have to follow of what you can and can’t do. While these regulations are meant to preserve the beauty of these historic sites for generations to come, they also may leave you with the feeling that your hands are tied when it comes to renovations.

Solutions for Older Home Renovations

Fortunately, it is still possible to upgrade your home with the renovations that will transform it into gorgeous, livable space while still maintaining its historic charm. Here are some of the ways that Dobson Building + Remodeling will help you to achieve the home renovations that you’re dreaming of.

  • We are experts in renovating older homes. Dobson was founded in 1987, and since then we have completed many projects on homes of all ages and sizes. Don’t think that something can’t be done without contacting us first.
  • We are experienced in taking out permits. You never want to get into a dispute or fall afoul of city ordinances due to inadvertently doing a DIY project that wasn’t allowed. All of our procedures are designed to comply with all city regulations for homes of any age, so cover your bases and ensure that the job is done right.
  • We know that your home has sentimental and nostalgic value. Your home isn’t just a cookie-cutter house–it’s a unique piece of art that may have been in your family for generations. You don’t want anyone trampling on your antique carpet with muddy boots or handling your family portraits roughly. You need someone who will treat your space with respect, and everyone at Dobson is trained to do just that.
  • We bring creative solutions to the table. Sure, you can’t get the late 1800s brick to match what’s on your home’s exterior, but we can often offer a creative workaround that maintains the charm, beauty, and historic feel of your home.
  • We can source materials and artisans that your historic home needs. Whether it’s a metal roof instead of shingles, a skilled stone mason for your 200-year-old walls, or a specialist who can replace rotten beams, Dobson has the network of contacts that can meet your needs.

No matter what the challenge you’re facing when you need renovations on your historic home, Dobson is up to the task. Contact us today for a quote.