With so many building contractors out there, each one specializing in slightly different things, why should you go with a custom home builder? Dobson Building + Remodeling builds custom homes in the Alexandria area, but we also complete many other projects, such as additions, renovations, and remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other living space. In this article, we’d like to explore some of the benefits you get when you choose a custom home builder to do your project.

1. A Custom Home Builder Knows How to Turn Dreams Into Reality.

Custom homes require plans, but those plans require a person’s creative ability to envision something that doesn’t exist yet and turn it into a drawing. Custom builders have the skills to take a verbalized vision or list of needs and turn that into a tangible living space that you will love. Rather than just being bound to the existing structure of the house, custom builders can re-format your floor plan while still supporting the load-bearing walls.

2. A Custom Home Builder Listens to Your Goals.

While you might or might not have a super-clear idea of the way your space will look when it’s done, you can always have a clear idea of what your living space needs to accomplish. While most homes provide you with basic rooms that you have to repurpose for their particular use, custom builders go beyond. They know that a room is not just a room that you can use for whatever you want. Think of the difference between a children’s play space with built-in bookcases, low window sills, and chalkboard walls, and a home artist’s studio with perfect lighting, a built in desk on one wall, and retractable drop cloths along the baseboards. When you go with a custom home builder, you don’t just get a room that suits your needs, you get a room that was made to meet your needs.

3. A Custom Home Builder Brings More Skills To The Table.

A typical remodeling contractor can do little more than redecorate your space. Sure, they can help you install new flooring, paint the walls, and put in countertops. Even if all you need are these basic, task-based skills, someone who is used to thinking conceptually can often bring you a solution you hadn’t thought of or make a suggestion that instantly improves everything. This is even more vital when you’re building an addition, moving walls, or starting from scratch to build a brand new home. Why would you want the cookie-cutter option when you could have a custom builder who does everything to your specifications, on time, the right way, without cutting corners?

Whether you need design, building, remodeling, additions, renovations, an entire house, or any other home improvement, you can count on Dobson Building + Remodeling to do the job. We will treat your project as if it was our own home, and we are committed to answering your questions, providing transparent pricing, and delivering the project on time. In addition, our owner, Rick Dobson, personally inspects each home at the completion of the project to ensure that the work was done as promised. Turn to Dobson today to get your project started. We look forward to hearing from you.